• 2014.11.08 Saturday


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    New Philips HR2084/90 Stand Blender

    • 2014.11.08 Saturday
    • 12:59
    We have had a 30 year old blender (then $ 1000 cost), the ungleublich had many functions, was very robust and we thought, there can be nothing better. After the old has given up his spirit after these many years, we thought that we must now spend about 400 Euri for something similar new one. Then I have found here in the warehouse deals for 47.99. And he is TOP !!!!!! We mourn the old behind, but the new one has already conquered our hearts.

    This is my first stand blender and I'm begeister. It is much quieter than I expected. One need not worry so early in the morning to wake the neighbors. The lid closes tightly super. He has a wide rubber ring with three fins. I think he's still firmly a precaution, but I can hardly imagine that he is blown away by the content.

    All parts can break down easily and cleaning is a breeze. I'm really pleasantly surprised. OK. So far I've only made a raspberry milkshake and a smoothie. But both have become great at first and it took only seconds. The milkshake was super creamy, so how to ask for it and the smoothie (pineapple, peach, banana and orange juice) was all super crushed and mixed.

    My husband is now enthusiastic, although he said only, "but we need not have one". Until now we had only so miserable a blender to which there was a small container in the times I've tried to make smoothies. It was a torment. This has an end now with this blender

    The unit I can only recommend it. Tried it directly after getting and am very satisfied. By the nubs on the bottom it is hard and does not wobble. The paper can be removed very easily and rinse. The 650 watts are perfectly adequate for frozen fruits and vegetables to small hoes. Another top product from Philips.

    Another best blender is breville personal More info here

    Philips HD4646 Kettle Basic series (1.5 liter, 2400 watt) white

    • 2014.11.08 Saturday
    • 01:42
    After the old cheap kettle (still from my student times) given up the ghost, had a fast (higher quality this time) Spare ago. The reviews and the product ranking at Amazon have ultimately been the decisive reason for this Philips kettle.

    The device is indeed mostly plastic, but has a really good build quality and has a steel floor, the water heats up (ie, no heating elements or heating coil, but all "smooth"). When even a small water outlet (entnehmebares) sieve is conveniently placed so that any limescale deposits can not be reached in the cup.

    A short afterburner with a tendency to "Off-Topic"
    In various test magazines of this kettle has received considerable point deduction because it is hot outside. This view is completely incomprehensible to me, because if you put a pot on the stove, the all also hot. That's exactly THAT what you expect. To constantly make everything extremely "child safe" long-term damage to the children more than it benefits them, because they lack the appropriately respectful and serious dealing with such things!

    Another good example of the recent development is the way to give the children only LED lanterns at St. Martin's procession. When should children or else learn how to deal with fire, when not under the supervision of dozens of parents, carers, children and other adults gardeners ???

    The kettle was delivered quickly and entsprichtin all my expectations. It heats up very quickly, thanks to 2400 Watts (could in old buildings with 10-Amp fuses cause problems!) The device is inexpensive. , On an operating display with - signal lamp can be omitted, because the water is boiling in no time and the cooking noise signal is enough. I would buy the device again and again and can recommend it.

    Several Note About Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Smartphone

    • 2014.10.24 Friday
    • 16:53
    = Data Transfer =
    Although I also have a data package in my contract, but I need these rare because I often have Wifi available where I need Internet. Honestly, even if I could not look up or receive mails while hiking in the city strolling Wikipedia, if it were me completely snuff and if it burns family or colleagues to call anyway. Nevertheless, 3G & 4G function (LTE) wonderful in large cities; at home I have no 4G reception.
    = Multimedia =
    MP3 player is good S4 Mini outstanding; in my plugged a 64GB Sandisk SDXC with 3414 songs incl. Covers / ID3 tags and GMMP shows / sorts the albums very fluid. For videos is 4.3 "of course bit small, even on 5.9" HTC or 10 "iPad makes me watch movies little fun, most in the train / plane maybe. The same is true for e-books reading and surfing long webpages. But help apps like Feedly Read the news. Youtube videos playing S4 mini liquid from, 720p and 1080p, even if these resolutions for 4 "Displays total overkill are saying nonsense.
    = Tap =
    You can not write novels on smartphones but Tap goes very smoothly on S4 mini, because Samsung's own keyboard like Swype working (off by default) and learn quickly with little training and the weirdest words. On edge-Tap is strangely convenient, because otherwise the keyboard the whole display is. It recognizes words from full English, Spanish, etc. even if you set keyboard to us, and vice versa. But that is with my HTC exactly, and probably owes more Android.
    = Navi / GPS =
    Since I also have a navigation system in your car or while hiking with compass'm traveling, I use Navi to S4 mini not often, but when I get lost in the city, this helps me also. Warning: If you install any offline navigation apps and only used Google Maps needs a data plan. ADDENDUM: In the meantime I use my GPS for hiking record. Despite my extremely aggressive battery saving apps GPS is not turned off and stores all cheerfully about 3-4 hours. Battery goes with me 10%! down!
    = = Games
    Not my competence or interest area. I do not gamble on cell phone, no Angry Birds or Temple Run ... Well, I rarely play Love & Hate. For real gamble there the PC, PS, Wii, etc.

    Russell Hobbs Blender 600 watt

    • 2014.10.23 Thursday
    • 03:51
    I deliberately waited a while due to some previous recessions with my review because I wanted to know how does my blender.
    He mixes, he crushed and mixed it up. Also, it can be normal snap into the base and also raced out again, without that veers slightly at me. As such, it is a perfect complement to the kitchen for me. Shipping and packaging all Amazon typically fast, good and reliable.
    here I have acquired a smoothiemaker. Once again it was delivered quickly. to the product; I find this device as a very high quality, everything works as it should and as described by the seller. the unit is after the mix pretty fast and easy to clean and is available for further application for disposal. the mix I get out a lot for about three persons for 0.3 l glasses. ice was crushed properly.
    Despite some voices that discourage the purchase, I ordered the blender and tried out a few days ago. Allen, who fear that this relatively cheap blender can prepare any green smoothies had initially said: it works!
    I am preparing now for a few days daily green smoothies and both the fruit and eg the lettuce is shredded.
    The blender has an overall high quality impression with me the glass container particularly like. Cleaning is easy and all who have no huge claims and a smaller budget, I would recommend buying the device.
    So far, the blender works perfectly and is used quite often. He is very stable and the workmanship is also good. By simply removable blade cleaning is no longer a problem and can be done quickly (an important point) Very good price-performance ratio, the purchase can only be recommended.

    Wansview WiFi Lan/WLan Camera

    • 2014.10.21 Tuesday
    • 00:52
    The images are not as sharp and the contrast ratio is moderate, but the camera does every time the power is disconnected, the new IP by e-mail, so you must have a static IP for surveillance.
    Can be easily controlled via the browser, also works on smartphones and tablets, you can always go by to see if the apartment is not burned or looted.
    I bought the cam also for 45 € on ebay and it hangs outside under my carport.
    Although is an indoor cam but works fine. There is no IR-cut filter,
    thus see the color looks strange.
    At night, I can still just about see about 3 -4 meters with IR.
    Can recognize a lot of you but no longer is, as stated no outdoor cam.
    It runs works fine with my Synology NAS 213+ and the p-station together.
    As a driver you can then use one of Foscam.
    I have now ordered the Wansview 543 Outdoor (hope that increased nighttime visibility and better colors) and the 541 will re-sell on Ebay.
    This camera is surprisingly really good for the price. Setup is quick and easy. All functions easily configurable via a WebUI. Picture quality is good and sufficient.
    Especially like the night vision function. A space of 10m length is easily illuminated at night by the built-in IR LEDs. I can only recommend.
    Appearance is a matter of taste. Ich finds good and not cheap.
    The camera can be set up easily, if you have a little idea of ​​the matter.
    The quality is great for the price, depends in the hallway. The night vision is more than sufficient daylight and at night.
    Settings there are not many but enough. Technically identical, the device with the HooToo camera, it has more settings, but also costs a little more.
    iPhone, iPad, Browserstreuerung work fantastic. The e-mail notification reliable.

    Dell U2414H Monitor Function and Design

    • 2014.10.20 Monday
    • 14:22
    I use it for casual gaming, Photoshop and text works. The picture is bright and contrasty,
    Scripture pleasantly sharp. Anyone looking for a monitor for professional graphics, should mMn deeper pockets
    access for an MVA panel. But for the absolute price buy recommendation.
    On the desk, the monitor does well, the stand looks classy and stable.
    The catch is slightly out of hand back and herrücken. The extremely narrow margin Monitor
    is also a looker.
    The Dell U2414H is alone the optics for a great display.
    Color space, perspective, service wonderful.
    If the monitor is connected via HDMI to an Nvidia graphics card, it is usually not recognized as display but as HDTV and thus reduces the extent to RGB 16-235 (instead of the usual 0-255).
    In this case, I can understand the negative reviews that have experienced the monitor only with pale colors and low black level.
    Remedy either a tool that Nvidia's Control Panel allows output in full, or in my case an amazon basics DVI-> hdmi cable. So that the display is detected as a PC monitor.
    In Multi-monitor operation of the U2414H is a great solution because of the very thin edge and the ergonomic features of the 10 euro cheaper LG 24MP76HM (identical panel) has not.
    I was looking for a monitor that has good lighting and good viewing angle and was satisfied with this. This monitor is great for office, multimedia and image processing. The lighting is great, the colors neutral and this he is pre-calibrated. The Stand is very stable and stands as a one. Even when drhen of the monitor, the stand foot moves no millimeter. Another plus point is the variable height adjustment, so you can adjust the monitor to their specifications. I would also like to mention the many connectivity options incl. USB on the back.
    For me, this monitor is a good all-rounder in comparison.

    A Camera For Daily Life Picture

    • 2014.10.19 Sunday
    • 21:33
    After a few weeks of testing, we can say that the camera makes good pictures for daily life. The camera is very small and handy - good "pocketable". The service is, as usual, CANON, very easy and self-explanatory. Recommended in any case, if you have any particular settings (filter, exposure, etc.) is expected and required. 

    I wanted a small camera for quick snapshots. With the Canon IXUS I found it. When I held the photo in hand, I thought: What will bring the little thing already? My experience: Damn much! The small Canon makes very good and sharp photos. Can be easily and quickly use and is a great vacation camera for quick snapshots. The price is really reasonable. 

    My conclusion: Anyone looking for a camera with good quality for everyday moment to capture important moments simply, is completely operated with the Canon IXUS top. Very positive of the battery and associated charger. 

    I bought it as a replacement for my 115HS. This one has not really blew me away, so no better than the old one. But not bad. How it behaves in light dusk without flash, I have not tested (eg photograph on stage without flash). Otherwise, you can recommend it with a clear conscience. 

    I bought this camera because it is a successor of the Canon Ixus 133 and I was very pleased with her. Unfortunately I am a little disappointed. The housing is made of plastic, which would not necessarily expect in a Ixus and the pictures are ok but nothing great. Sorry

    Magnetic circuit of Speakers

    • 2014.10.01 Wednesday
    • 05:14
    The format of the enclosure, there is compatibility with the speaker unit. I face the unit magnetic circuit is weak diaphragm weight and, lightly - plane baffle. Prone to over-braking in the magnetic circuit unit is strong. I face the unit magnetic circuit is strong vibration plate weight is heavy and - sealed. When using a magnetic circuit unit is weak diaphragm weight and light and a large internal volume in order to suppress the influence of back pressure. 

    I face the unit magnetic circuit is strong vibration plate weight and, lightly - backloaded horn. Combination with the unit diaphragm heavy, prone to excessive bass. A lack of ability to drive the horn, there is a negative effect on the sound quality in the unit magnetic circuit is weak. Compliance range of the unit is wide by design - bass reflex type. When using a magnetic circuit unit is weak diaphragm weight and light, it is sufficient internal volume is smaller than that of the closed type. 

    Water down in the small port in the unit magnetic circuit is strong vibration plate weight and heavy, it is prone to excessive bass. The unit magnetic circuit is strong vibration plate weight and, lightly, while to strengthen the bass enhancing effect in the large port cross-sectional area, bass enhancement of bandwidth too low to avoid. In addition, I referred to as a "front loaded horn type" speakers fitted with a (horn) of the trumpet-shaped curved surface in front of the unit. Is intended to be used in combination with each of the enclosure, this is not a term that refers to methods enclosure. 

    While it is excellent in efficiency and can control the directivity, it tends to be large. It is used self-made speakers or large super premium speakers, a large acoustic speaker concert. It should be noted that it is a word that convention, not only used the horn with rear or the magnitude of above a certain level. For example, it small horn of a few cm are integrated from the beginning to the tweeter unit is often, but never referred to as a front load this horn. 

    Such as magnetic circuit design and edge, and the damper is bad can be cited as a nonlinear component that generates a distortion. Nonlinear effects of these become remarkable it is when the bass has a large amplitude. Equal loudness curve as is shown, the sensitivity of the low frequency range is dull human hearing. Even in the music you hear bass-mid-treble as getting better balance example, acoustic energy distribution is biased tend to bass, speaker reproducibility trying to (play) the energy distribution bass for the I will at a stroke increase. Large stroke is the easy depression in non-linear region of the vibration system support member. In addition, by generating counter-electromotive force by inertia (braking force) for heavy, which also cause distortion of the diaphragm of the bass. Distortion of the speaker results such is likely to occur in the low frequency range, even if actually measured for this purpose.